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29th July 1993 - Jan 2009
Nicknames: Baby Girl, and Tiddler Girl
Age: 16
Pet Type: Mini Foxie
Lived: Wyoming and Lisarow NSW Australia
Author: Aussiejudi
Favourite Things

Sallie just loved a cuddle, her lead because that meant a walk and she loved us and her Dad Billy.

Best Qualities

Sallie was my baby girl, born July 29th 1993 She was our Billy's Daughter. we had her from 6 weeks old.

Sallie was my BABY GIRL,  ONLY daughter of my Billy..

I love you Tiddler and I miss you so much. Its been almost 5 years and I still can't even think about you without  crying for you. I so wish I could hold you one more time....

The night you left us you were in pain and we had no choice but to say good bye. God bless you Sallie, we do Soooo miss you....I so need a little baby girl like you to cuddle and love.

Sallie is buried in our back yard in a lovely sunny spot  with a beautiful bird bath as her memorial headstone.

The birds come and bath there and I feel Sallie sits and watches them in the sunshine. I can go and talk to her  and she feels close to me . I love you Baby girl, I miss you sooooo much. Please be at The "Rainbow Bridge" with your dad Billy when I get there to meet you both........

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