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Sally, The Stubborn

2001 - 22/07/2014
Nicknames: "Stop it you!"
Age: 13
Pet Type: Australian Cattle Dog
Lived: Adelaide
Author: tellgio
Favourite Things

Licking, barking at nothing, carrying her 'babies'.

Best Qualities

Loved being loved. Very protective or her 'Mummy'.

Sally, you were a stubborn girl. Headstrong and always had the final word. Today you went to the Rainbow Bridge. Your body was starting to let your spirit down. You seemed happy to be here, but we could not know for sure the pain you were feeling. You were blind so long, and sometimes we would forget you were until you bumped ito something. When your Mum made the decision, it broke her heart. The pawprints you have left on our hearts are indelible. One day, you will see us again, and your vigor and dignity will be restored forever. Run free with your friends at the Bridge, beautiful girl. We might grieve here a while, but to you, the time will pass like the blink of an eye. Your sister,Milly still looks for you, to tell you that Daddy is home. Play and run well, pretty girl. See you at the park.

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