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Buddy the best dog ever

10/12/2002 - 15/07/2014
Nicknames: Buds, Buddikins.
Age: 11
Pet Type: Golden Retreiver
Lived: Greystanes, NSW
Author: Rebecca74
Favourite Things

Food, any food. Being with his family, go for a car ride to a park, cuddle, swimming.

Best Qualities

Buddy was the best at everything.

I went to the pet shop to pick up a tibetian spaniel on that day, I looked down on the floor at this cage with a sad Golden Retriever puppy and I fell in love.  Not ever wanting to buy a dog from a pet shop, Dad had finally agreed to getting a puppy so this was my only chance.  I named you before we left the shop as your dad was coming up with terrible names for you and from that moment i knew you were my "Buddy".  From the moment we bought you home you were never a problem, you were toilet trained in days, knew to leave the cats alone and loved whatever we were doing.  In those days we used to work long hours so you used to go to Grandma's through the day and play with her dogs, always sitting by the window waiting for us when you knew it was time to go home.  When we got your brother a year later you were patient as we all were with the mischevious puppy that never grew up.  You were scared of the washing machine, dishwasher though your worsed fear was thunder and how scared you used to get then.  You were here when we bought both our human babies home and taught them how to love animals, you were gentle and used to watch over them.  The last year was a bit tough for you, surviving cancer and temporary loss of your back legs though you bounced back and Mummy was working hard to get you fit again.  I am so glad we had such a lovely day together swimming at Cabarita on your last mothers day, you had so much fun.  You loved the last car ride to Glebe just the weekend before you died, you were like a naughty puppy, don't go swimming i said it is too cold as you ran off into the water.  I laughed at you as you interrupted parties to say hello in the park.  I was doing school drop off when Daddy rang that morning and asked me to get the vet as something was wrong.  I rushed home and knew you werent well.  I told you we werent doing this today and you got up and walked out the front with me trying to comfort me though you collapsed again.  I am sorry I wasnt holding you when you past, it is my biggest regret which will haunt me until the day I meet you again though I could not believe what was happening.  Daddy and Pa were there though I did not actually think you would go. You died as the vet arrived, not making me make the decision to end your beautiful life, this is classic Buddy.  I miss you so much and can't believe you are not here with us and more importantly me.  You were the best friend a girl could have and saw me through so many major milestones in my life. You were mine, my first real dog all mine and i was yours.  I will never feel that way again, I hope you are resting in peace and can hear me as I still speak, to you often, I love you Bud xx

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