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my little man

4/10/2000 - 31/10/2012
Nicknames: Brewster
Age: 12
Pet Type: Golden Retreiver
Lived: my home
Author: natty
Favourite Things

Food! Being with his mum , his jezzabell, eating toilet paper rolls,nan and pa, his toys, opening presents xmas

Best Qualities

He was just this happy old man with this oldman eyes that just adored and loved life! He was a stubborn thing

One day I bought home this little ball of fluff who entered my world and gave me so much love and trust. They say dogs choose there owner and you definately chose me! It didnt take you long to have all of us under your spell and we were privlaged to have you in our home. Not a day goes by I dont think of you or go to say your name- habit I guess. Jezzabelle is sat on me as I type this- she misses you too I get her cuddle now but its not The same.  

Brodee uou taught me to - Feel it, embrace it, cherish the moments because that is what love is,  every moment is precious and you gave me 12 years of pure love and I am better for having had you in my life. My heart is just that little bit bigger now because I carry you in it always and will miss you forever. You were the one constant in my life. I wont cry because its over I will smile because you happened.  Always my spunkie brewster, your crazy mum xx

PS thank you x 

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