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For Boss- only a dog

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Author: sara231960
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Only a dog


Many people would say "It's only a dog".

Why do you waste your money?

It's only a dog     

Why wouldn't you just put him down?

It's only a dog.

Why are you so upset?

It's only a dog.

How.many friends are always there right when you need them?

Only a dog can sense your pain and just be there. They don't have to speak. 

You just know they are feeling your pain.

Only a dog doesnt judge but they listen.

Only a dog won't tell your secrets far and wide.

Only a dog is always happy to see you no matter what has happened in their day.

Only a dog has unconditional love for you that lasts forever.

 To you it may be only a dog...

Only to a dog are you their friend, their parent and their pack.

Only a dog would lay down their life for you without questioning it.

Only a dog thinks you are the best looking person they have seen all day.

Only a dog trusts that you will always do right by them.

Unfortunately for so many, they are "only a dog" and are expendable. 

He may be only a dog, but he is my friend, my baby, my confidante,  my rock.

So before you say "only a dog", think about it before you open your mouth.

If it is only a dog, don't get one.  

Because to them, you are not "only a human".

You are their world.

And my dog is mine. 


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