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My Darling Baby Girl

10th January 2010 - 5th Jan 2014
Nicknames: Ally Chick/ Alejandro / Ally elephant
Age: 3
Pet Type: Dog
Lived: Our home, Scotland
Author: Shakiera
Favourite Things

Ally's favourite things were people. She loved everyone but was a very clumsy girl and would knock people over.

Best Qualities

Her naughty lovable character. Not a day passed even when she was poorly that she didn't make me smile.

My darling baby girl


There was this black tri Aussie with a full wagging tail you see 

It caused so much confusion "exactly what breed is she?"

She bounced into my life as an 8 week old pup

I'd wanted an Aussie for years and couldn't believe my luck 

Such a stunner turning heads wherever she would go

Up the hills with me all year round hail rain wind or snow 

At the age of 1 a monster came to visit her one night 

Turned my world upside down giving me such a fright 

Straight to the vets and onto medication straight away

This monster returned more frequently more often night than day

The months rolled by and on we fought together what a team 

Until she ruptured her cruciate shattering another dream 

It wasn't good news after surgery they said she would be chronically lame

I felt awful not knowing where to turn or who to blame

Onto Physio and a strict routine got my girl walking again

Couldn't believe the results "Perhaps someday she'll climb the Ben"

Then back to the monster just as things were looking up 

Please god can't you see what you're doing to my pup

We fought and fought doing everything we could 

The monster wouldn't listen though making her suffer more than any animal should

I'm so sorry I couldn't save you my darling Ally girl

I held you until you were pain free and at rest, please know I will always love you still 



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