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My Tribute To Beau

26th January 2001 - 9th July 2013
Nicknames: Bowie
Age: 12
Pet Type: Maltese
Lived: Central Victoria
Author: Beau2001
Favourite Things

Treat Ball, Numerous Stuffed Toys

Best Qualities

The most knowing sensitive, wonderful affectionate,loyal,loving and one of a kind

How can I ever even try to explain how much I loved you and what you mean't to me.. you were my best friend, my child, you were the most loyal and loving dog, you slept with me every night of your life, from when you were 8 weeks old.

You gave me and our family so much joy and pleasure, and we all just loved you so much.

You were such a brave little boy, even when you were so sick, you never complained, and you tried so hard never to be a burden, even though I would have walked through fire for you.

You fought so hard the last days of your life to stay with us, but in the end your frail little body could take no more and I had to make the heart breaking decision to end your pain. I just could not bear to see you suffer, you had shown such courage and dignity, and even though it felt like someone had literally torn my heart out, I knew when I looked into your eyes that you were asking me and giving me permission to give you your wings.

I held you as tight as I could in my arms and whispered into your ear the whole time letting your know that it was OK and that I would love you always and NEVER EVER forget you, even when you passed you were so quiet and peaceful, there was no fuss, you just went on your journey the same as you lived, with such dignity and grace.

I will always love you beyond what any words could ever express, and I will miss you every day of my life forever.

Sleep peacefully my beautiful boy.. a rest well earned..

Night Night... Your loving Mummy XXOO


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