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Quiet Loving Jemma

19th July 2010 - 13th January 2015
Nicknames: Jem Jem
Age: 4
Pet Type: Guinea Pig
Lived: Our home and our hearts
Author: Jessie06
Favourite Things

Usually us, towels, vet bed.

Best Qualities

She was quiet, very loving and cuddly.

Jemma where do I start? I never thought I would be writing this so soon after Jessie's. To lose you and Jessie a month a part tears our hearts apart. Seems just yesterday we went and picked you and your sister Jasmine up, 2 small bundles of fur.

Your both were adorable, so nippy and fast but even at 3 weeks of age you were fussy eaters. Poor Jessie at age 4 had no idea what to make of you two hell raisers, thankfully Jessie was a white furred piggy so you couldn't tell if you too sent her fur to go grey.

Almost immediatley you and Jessie got on so well, you were so passive, you never minded what happened as long as you got fed. You loved a cuddle and very rarely peed us unlike your sisters.

When we did something wrong you let us know by giving us a nip which usually hurt. How you suffered those last few months and how freaked you must have been when you found you could not breathe. You passed away like your Sister Jessie did in my arms and I hope she was there waiting for you at Rainbow bridge. Jessie with her perfect mouth and forever young and you with your perfect lungs, running and playing together till we meet again.

Jemma you bought much joy to my husband and I and to little Jessie, you brightened up our days and our lives now we are lost and devasted with out you. Will never forget you darling stay close and watch over us and your sister Jasmine, till we meet again Jemma thanks for coming into our lives and making it a little brighter and happier!

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