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Memorial Ceremonies

Scattering of ashes
If you have chosen to have your pet cremated and the ashes returned to you, you may wish to scatter them as part of the ceremony or once some time has passed. You may wish to scatter their ashes in one or a number of places that are of significance to you and your family.

Memorial Ceremonies created at: 2010/09/23
For some people placing a stone in the garden or backyard with their pets name or paw print in it is a great memorial and becomes a place that is always associated with them. 

Recognising anniversaries, as the days, weeks, month and years pass how we carry the loss of our pets also change. Holidays, if your pet accompanied you on holidays, take a photo of them to the places you used to holiday as a family when they were alive.

Grief is cyclical and can re emerge in intensity as anniversaries and significant occasions approach. Mark these times with simple everyday ceremonies that give some language and recognition to what you and possibly other family members are feeling.

If your was your primary significant other, marking anniversaries and other occasions- however private and public you wish, will be of enormous benefit for you and as a tribute to the relationship you shared with your pet.

Author Victoria Spence