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Strategies for Coping

created at: 2010/10/01The best thing you can do is allow your feelings to come up and express them in a safe environment. 

Look for genuinely caring, non-judgmental support in those around you. It is best to avoid the company of those who, although they may mean well, want to “fix” your grief and make you “better again”. 

Remember that this is a process that takes time. Allow yourself the freedom to do whatever it is you need to do – take time off work, be alone, spend more time with special people. 

Try to avoid excessive alcohol or caffeine intake, eat nutritious food and give yourself some comfort in the form of simple treats. 

Finding your own special ways to memorialise and honour your pet will help your grieving process. 

If you do not have healthy support, find it difficult to reach out or are feeling overwhelmed it will help to talk to a bereavement counsellor.

Author Dr David Foote