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Experiencing Grief

created at: 2010/10/01When grieving it is common to feel intense sadness and to cry a lot or feel like crying a lot. You may also feel anger, relief, guilt, remorse and other emotions often clustered together. 

Healthy grieving, which will allow you to heal emotionally, means giving in to these feelings and expressing them rather than trying to control or suppress them. 

Grief is unpredictable so you can be feeling alright one minute and upset the next, and seemingly small and irrelevant things can trigger you. 

Most people feel tired and experience some disturbance of sleep and appetite for a period of time. You may feel restless and find it difficult to concentrate and carry out your normal routine both at home and at work. 

With time the frequency of painful feelings will diminish, and you will learn to live more comfortably with a balanced memory of your pet and reinvest energy

Author Dr David Foote