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What is Grief

created at: 2010/09/27Grief is an entirely natural process that allows us to cope with change and endings as we move through life. Grief in bereavement serves an invaluable purpose in that it allows us to heal emotionally and incorporate the death of a loved one into our ongoing lives. 

Most important of all, grief is highly individual and has no time frame. It is an ongoing process that takes as long as it takes in spite of the popular myth that we should “get over it”. 

For pet owners the grieving process can be especially difficult, as society in general does not validate grief over pets. As a consequence, we can end up bottling up our true feelings and thoughts, which only makes a difficult time even more so. 

The fact is that we form a special relationship with our pets based on strong emotional bonds. It is important to understand that, rather than ending abruptly, the relationship continues based on memories and feelings.

Author Dr David Foote