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Preparatory Support

created at: 2010/09/23

How do you, as a pet owner, being to consider Euthanasia? No one can predict the time of death, how long your pet lives is part of the shared uncertainty of this time. However having a practical guide through this time is immensely useful. Responding to these questions, before or as your pets quality of life and capacities are reduced will go some way to supporting you both as you travel through uncertain territory. Knowing how you want to support your pet to the end of their lives will provide some basis from which you can begin to consider how Euthanasia may  sit within an  end of life care plan for your beloved pet.

What does a good death look like for your pet?

What are your fears about their death- for you and for them?

In what ways will you farewell and honour your pet?

In the time after they have died, what will be important to you about how it was carried out?

Author Victoria Spence